Australian Achiever Pty Ltd
CategoryCustom Webapp Development, Website development
Year2019 – Present
Project Information

The Australian Achiever Awards run Customer Service Awards for SME Australian businesses across 20+ different industry categories since 1998.

The project involved the development of the Corporate Website and custom-written Workflow Management System to manage the entire workflow from award application lodgement to final evaluation and announcement of winners. The Workflow Management System is integrated with the Corporate Website for a seamless user experience.

Services provided
  • System Design / Architecture
  • Development of Corporate Website of Australian Achiever Awards
  • Development of Application Entry Submission Module for customers to lodge their award entry applications and pay online via Credit Card
  • Development of Business and Application Entry Management Module for internal staff
  • Development of Call Centre Module for internal staff
  • Development of score calculation and results announcement module
Australian Achiever Awards has successfully helped small to medium-sized businesses across Australia measure and improve their customer service focus since 1998. An Australian Achiever Award allows enterprises to take full advantage of the loyalty and appreciation they receive from their happy customers, extending their endorsement and influence to an even broader market.
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Corporate Website

The website is developed using WordPress CMS based on the design provided by the UI designer. In addition to several static content pages, it is integrated with the Workflow Management System to automatically update the list of award categories for each year with their entry open/close dates and publish results along with the search functionality to search for past winners.

Entry Submission Module

The module allows customers to submit their award applications via a step by step process. Customers are asked to select the award category, upload business contacts, upload references and finally make the payment using a credit card. The module is entirely custom-written to present the most intuitive customer experience during the submission. The system automatically calculates the entry fee based on the award category, and special discounts are automatically applied based on the business account.

Entry Management and Call Centre Module

These modules allow internal staff to manage and assess each application efficiently. The Entry Management Module manages all aspects of business, such as business details, contact information, and users who should have access to the business account.

Call Centre Module allows call centre staff to record the results of their calls with references. Each reference will be presented with a set of questions based on the award category, and their answers are recorded in the call centre module for later evaluation.

Mobile friendly fully responsive design

Corporate Website, Entry Submission Module, and Entry Management / Call Centre Module have been carefully designed to provide maximum accessibility to customers and internal staff on any device, whether it is a desktop, tablet or smartphone.