CareerSpot Pty Ltd
Category Web Development
Year 2011 – Present
Project Information

CareerSpot is a company specialised in online publishing and content delivery for professionals in different industry sectors across Australia. The suite includes eighteen (18) industry specific career portals, advertiser loading platforms, content delivery platforms and administration platforms for internal staff. Each system is tightly integrated together to provide a seamless user experience for industry professionals, advertisers and internal staff. A range of technologies has been used to cater for different application requirements.

Services provided
  • System Design / Architecture
  • Main website and 18 industry specific career portals
  • Advertiser loading platform (for advertisers to load job advertisements)
  • MySpot Subscriber Portal (for subscribers to manage their content preferences)
  • Newsletter publishing and dispatching system
  • Banner advertisement serving platform
  • Integrated administration system (for internal staff)
  • System maintenance
Trusted by major national research facilities, top universities, premier environment and water industry leaders as well as dozens of local, state and federal government departments, CareerSpot has rapidly become a central site for both advertisers who want experienced, qualified professionals to see their listings, and career-driven professionals who want quality content delivered to them digitally.
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18 Career Portals

CareerSpot’s suite of industry portals spans across 15 different industry sectors ranging from Government, Research, Environmental, Health, ICT, Water, Industrial, Financial, Executive, to name a few. All career portals are centrally managed via a content loading system that includes the ability for individual customisations where necessary providing maximum flexibility for internal staff while still maintaining scalability. The Content Loading System receives data from multiple sources such as in-house journalists, third party advertisers, bulk job loading platforms.

Subscription Management Platform

Subscribers to CareerSpot’s suite of boards are centrally managed via Subscription Management System. The system is completely custom-written and is capable of handling subscriptions and unsubscribe requests as well as dispatching daily newsletters to a database of more than 150,000 subscribers. To ensure subscriber privacy, newsletter dispatching including tracking and bounce back processing are handled entirely via the Subscription Management System internally.

Advertiser Job Loading Platform

The system allows advertisers to load their job advertisements up onto one or more industry portals of CareerSpot. Customers can purchase either individual advertisements or advertising packages based on their requirements. The job preview function allows you to preview your job advertisement using your branded company template or just using your logo before publishing. All credit card transactions are processed via CommBank Payment Portal.

Mobile Friendly Fully Responsive Design

CareerSpot’s suite of websites and applications has been carefully designed to provide maximum accessibility to customers on any device, whether it is a desktop, tablet or smartphone. This includes all the career portals, advertiser loading platform and MySpot (subscriber preferences management system).